REACH for Autism

Reach for autism contacted HMP Greenock to ask them to help provide a safe walkway from the front door to the back garden which would allow a safe passage for all of the service users who attend this facility, including wheelchair access.

 Two men from Chrisswell House David and Steven, volunteered to help on this project.

 Due to the steep drop in height from the front of the building to the back of the garden which was more than 1 in 12 , this resulted in having to have a rest area halfway down to comply with building regulations.

The first problem the team encountered was that in this area they had three old tree trunks and all of the tree roots to contend with. Once the top soil and grass were removed it allowed them to prepare the ground with hard core to give a stable foundation for the path. Mono block were used to extend the original path and then a slabbed path to take you down to the back garden.

 David  said  “We cleared the land by hand as the digger did not arrive to  scrape all the top layer off, it was tough trying to get through all the tree roots , we laid some mono block and about 86 slabs to allow for a safe pathway to the back garden for wheelchair users. It was great to give something back to the community as this is a very worthwhile charity that helps people with Autism”.

 Steven said “Enjoyed doing some manual labour as it was to help this charity keep the cost down. It turned out very good and it gives a safe walkway to the back garden area that wheelchair users can use”.

 Materials were donated by J.W. Grants building supplies Paisley, Homebase Greenock & Caskie demolition.

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