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  • Prison issued clothing is usually a polo shirt, sweatshirt and trousers or jeans. The prison can also provide underwear and socks if needed.

    Their clothing and bedding will be cleaned by the prison laundry.

    Basic hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes are also provided. 

  • Those in custody can order some small items from the prison canteen. This varies between establishments, but generally things like stamps, toiletries and snack items will be on sale.

    Those in custody can also provide feedback to the establishment on items they would like added to canteen  list. 

  • When someone enters our custody, they will go through an admissions process where they can discuss any issues or questions they may have. They will be given information on who they can go to for support in the prison. In some prisons, there are 'peer supporters'. They are prisoners who have received specific training in how to support and guide other prisoners.

    There are Prison Officers in all halls that prisoners can talk to. They can also ask to speak to a Chaplain.

    Every cell has in-cell telephony. Individuals can call the Samaritans at any time, at no cost.

  • HDC is an opportunity for people in custody who qualify to serve the end of their sentence at home or another suitable address. The HDC process is designed to support people in custody from prison back to living in the community.
    People released on an HDC licence are monitored by wearing an electronic tag on their ankle linked to monitoring equipment installed at the identified address.

    Being released on HDC means your loved one will have to stay in the approved address each night (usually 19:30 -07:30) and comply fully with set licence conditions. They can go to work while out on HDC and curfew times may be altered to support this.

    If your loved one is eligible to apply for HDC, they will be provided with an application form to complete around ten weeks before their HDC qualifying date. If they need any support completing this form, they should speak to a member of staff.

    Once they have completed and returned their application form, their suitability for release on HDC will be assessed. We will seek information from other partners and where necessary will ask Community Based Social Work to visit the address they wish to stay at to ensure it is suitable.
    Once all this information is returned a decision will be made on their HDC application. Your loved one will be informed in writing of the decision. 

    Please note that individuals are not eligible for HDC if they:
    1.    Are a Registered Sex offender.
    2.    Are subject to deportation.
    3.    Are currently serving a section 17 recall.
    4.    Are subject to hospital direction.
    5.    Have an extended sentence.
    6.    Have a supervised release order.
    7.    Have an untried warrant.
    8.    Are serving non-offence term consecutively to their offence term.

  • Yes. Each prison has NHS-operated healthcare facilities with doctors, nurses, and dentists. All prisoners are seen by a doctor within 24 hours of admission.

  • This may be possible under certain circumstances. 

    Please contact the prison directly to make such a request. Prison phone numbers can be found on our prison information pages.