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The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) operates in a fascinating, complex and rapidly changing environment. Our Vision is to help build a safer Scotland by unlocking potential and transforming lives. To enable us to successfully deliver our Vision, we are committed to nurturing and investing in our greatest strength and resource: our people. 

We are proud to employ a diverse range of people; each contributing their own unique experiences and skills to enhance the service we deliver. Whatever the role, you will find your SPS experience both challenging and rewarding. You will be committed to helping us to achieve our goals and in return we will be committed to helping you to achieve yours.    

Explore our diverse range of career options to learn how you can help make a difference and help us transform our Vision into reality. 

Prison Officer Careers

There are two separate routes of entry to join the SPS as a Prison Officer; Operations Officer and Residential Officer. 

Support roles

As a large public sector organisation, the Scottish Prison Service requires a great variety of different skillsets and abilities in order to function.


We offer a wide range of opportunities in Engineering: Maintenance Engineers in Electrical, Mechanical, Building Joinery and Systems, as well as Technical and Maintenance Management and Project Management roles.

Operational Management Careers

The SPS offers a wide range of management careers. As well as careers in operational management we have management opportunities across all our support functions such as HR, Procurement, Finance, Engineering and IT.