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We recognise that children and families of prisoners are a hidden population who suffer greatly from the impact of a family member’s imprisonment. 

The impact is wide ranging and can include;

  • Risk to housing;
  • Financial pressures;
  • Problems in caring for children and the impact on the 16,500 children who lose a parent to imprisonment each year;
  • Anxiety, distress and health problems;
  • Rejection, stigma and victimisation by neighbours and the community.

We are committed to working with our partner agencies to maximise what we can achieve. That is why supporting and maintaining family links and promoting positive relationships while the family member is in prison is one of our key priorities.

In this section

Prison Visitors' Centres

We are committed to working with our partner agencies to support and maintain family links, and promote positive relationships whilst a loved one is in prison.

Family contact officers

A  Family Contact Officer is a member of prison staff who is responsible for encouraging and maintaining links with families.

Children impacted by imprisonment

Imprisonment can have a profound impact on family life, particularly for children.

Financial support

There are a range of grants and supports available to help towards the costs of visiting someone in prison

Support organisations

There are many organisations that offer support to families affected by imprisonment. 

Bereavement support

Support for those who have lost a loved one in custody.