HMP Low Moss Foodbank

The Trussell Trust partners with local communities in an attempt to assist those experiencing hardship in their lives and, with this in mind, Low Moss decided to give their support to one of these local community Foodbanks and recently held a 7 day event where the objective was to collect food donations.

LM Foodbank

Planning for the event led to a work placement for two prisoners from Castle Huntly at the front of house in Low Moss where their role was to speak about the Foodbank Initiative and process any donations that came in. Donations came from staff, visitors and professionals coming into the prison on work related business. Also contributing were the prisoners where the opportunity to donate food directly from their canteen was an option for them to get involved.

LM Foodb 2

By the end of the week there was a total of 14 boxes of food donated. This, when weighed (245.1 kg) by the Foodbank, accumulated to a monetary total of £411. To add to this there were cash contributions given by some and this alone totalled £194.21.

LM Foodb 3

A successful week for the Foodbank indeed and the comment made by Ann says it all –

"That is an amazing amount……it has been a pleasure to work with you all at Low Moss prison, you have been very organised with the collection and that is so helpful to us.

It was great to see the involvement of everybody in helping the community.

Thanks very much again for all your hard work."

Low Moss would like to thank everyone involved in the event.

LM Foodb 4