HMP Shotts CHAS Robin House

Staff in the Offender Outcomes Industries Team at HMP Shotts recently visited Robin House children’s hospice to see the work the prisoners in the Occupational area have completed and donated to CHAS. This successful link has been on-going for a few years now and everyone involved in the project including the team of prisoners are delighted with the response and feedback received from CHAS. Unit Manager Scott Cringles, Officer Instructors Derek Burnside, Dean Togneri and Andy Redpath visited the hospice and all were humbled with the response they received from all of the staff, volunteers and families.


All of the woodwork within the grounds was made and donated by HMP Shotts which includes benches, play houses, a large pirate ship and even a formula one racing car. The fact that the project is so successful is down to the ingenuity of Robin House staff drawing an idea on paper and the creativity of both Dean and Derek guiding the prisoners and using their expertise in woodworking. Dean states that the satisfaction and sense of purpose achieved by the prisoners involved in creating the furniture is humbling and the thank you cards received by families who utilise the creations take pride of place in the workshop.


Officer Andy Redpath has also been busy in recycling with his team and when sorting through the establishment waste he ensures nothing is wasted including old clothing and bedding. So far to date Andy has raised over £12,000 for the hospice and this is great fully received by the charity to help those either in respite or actually staying full time within the hospice.

Skills & Employability Unit Manager stated “The visit to the hospice was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever encountered in my life. To see how the work the staff and prisoners have put in being used by those in the hospice makes me proud to be part of this team and it is a credit to HMP Shotts Industries team and prisoner alike. We hope to keep these links going strong, it amazes me how from a sketch my team can build something which makes a huge difference to a young life “