Forward Together - Partnership Agreement


The renewed partnership agreement “Forward Together” was signed today by Colin McConnell Chief Executive of the SPS and Phil Fairlie Chair of the SPS Trade Union Side (TUS).

This Agreement and all the Partnership Accords derived from it is between the Management of the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) and the Prison Officers’ Association (Scotland) (POA(S)), Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) and Prospect who collectively form the SPS Trade Union Side (TUS).

All Parties to this agreement concur that by Partnership we mean, that we will work together to develop and support an environment of trust, respect and inclusivity at all levels, in the shared belief that Partnership will benefit the Scottish public, the organisation and individual employees. We will do this in order to achieve successful delivery of the SPS Vision, Mission and Values. The TUS and SPS have reviewed and reached formal agreement on these, which together define at the highest level what success looks like for the service and how we should get there. The agreed SPS Vision, Mission and Values are detailed within this Partnership Agreement.

All Parties to this agreement accept the challenge that a competitive environment can bring and all recognise that in the necessary pursuit of value for money to the taxpayer, public sector costs will be competitive. It is equally accepted by the Parties, that the pursuit of value for money will include considerations of the quality of service offered.