Family Learning Project at HMP Perth

A 5 week family learning project was completed on Friday 27th March at HMP Perth. The “Family Fun Club” ran as an innovative way to encourage and engage Family Learning in the challenging prison environment. Dads, along with their partners and children, take part in activities that allow and encourage learning and participation as a family unit, such as making smoothies, dream catchers and baking cookies.

Family Learning Project

Run in partnership with Fife College and Barnardos, the main focus is on the children with the adults supporting and participating in the various activities and projects.

This all takes place in the prison’s learning centre. The learning centre staff team work in partnership with Perth & Kinross community based Parenting and Family Learning Development staff to deliver the project. Head teachers from the schools involved have been very supportive of the initiative, allowing out of school attendance, and are keen to receive feedback.

The course was designed to allow a positive family experience and to participate in family learning activities together. Families also have the opportunity to and are encouraged to participate in learning opportunities in the community - some have already expressed an interest or signed up to take part. The project is also framed to allow progression to other adult learning opportunities or family learning opportunities in the community.