CPD Sessions for Teachers with Families Outside

Following its success in 2013, Families Outside held a number of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) sessions for teachers in 2014 which have proven popular and effective. Training for teachers is key in helping school staff to identify and support, appropriately and sensitively, some of Scotland’s most vulnerable and yet largely overlooked children; undertaking this training within a prison adds to the impact of their awareness. Run in partnership between SPS and Families Outside staff, the interactive programme allows teachers and support staff to experience each stage of a prison visit; to enter into the stories of children affected; and ultimately to learn how they can make a difference.

498 participants (a 33% increase from 2013) attended one of 17 sessions at 12 establishments over the year, the majority being primary and secondary school teachers (including some teachers in training) and a small number of voluntary sector staff.

Participants were overwhelmingly positive about sessions, with 100% saying it was useful. One attendee said “I currently work with families affected by these issues, and I have learned lots of practical tools and strategies from this session.”

One prison officer was also released to co-deliver workshops to over 300 probationer teachers across four local authorities and many teachers have already put their training into action.

The programme has been carefully constructed, with twilight timings to minimise cover costs for schools, interactive and varied sessions with evaluation, all of which is facilitated in partnership between Families Outside, the SPS and Visitor Centre staff (where applicable).