Award Ceremony for HMP Edinburgh

A number of staff from HMP Edinburgh were presented with Chief Executive awards at a ceremony last week.

Lee Dingwall, Kevin Duncan, Emma Stewart and Andrew Elder (who was unable to attend), received an award for rescuing a prisoner who had set fire to the bedding within his cell, quickly bringing the fire under control and ensuring that the prisoner and others around were kept safe.

Carolyn Arnold, Lesely Anne Johnston and Stephanie Murray, as well as Graham Nicole and Hazel Watson (who were both unable to attend), received an award for their drive and determination in ensuring SPS' vision is at the forefront of the service they provide, improving relationships with outside agencies and enhancing the visits experience for prisoners' families and their children.

Thomas Boyle, Dean Golding, Peter MacPherson and Neil Farquhar (who was unable to attend), received their award for their swift actions in containing an incident that they quickly de-escalated and brought to a successful conclusion without detriment to themselves or others within the hall.

Staff were presented their awards by Colin McConnell, Chief Executive on Friday 10th October. Friends and family also attended