Chief Executive Awards Ceremony for SPS Staff

A number of staff from HMP Barlinnie, HMP Castle Huntly, HMP & YOI Cornton Vale, HMP Dumfries, HMP Greenock, HMP Shotts and SPSC received Chief Executive Awards at a ceremony this week.

Lucy Ridgeway received an award for her drive, determination and passion for equality for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual staff, helping to establish the PRISM network in 2009 and working tirelessly and passionately as Chair of PRISM.

George Motherwell received an award for providing compassion, care and considerable practical support to an individual who was clearly distressed and confused, contacting relevant support workers and agencies to assist. George displayed the qualities that represent prison staff at their very best: compassion, case and a real concern for others.

Emma Jane Graham, Fiona Leary, Alistair Learmonth and Joanne Callaghan received awards for their assistance in the delivery of an offender’s child. They supported and encouraged the mother and each other throughout, ensuring information from the hospital was relayed and instructions were followed.

Mary Rzepecki received an award for her swift action in contacting Police after concerns were raised about an individual’s welfare. The emergency services who attended the individual’s home attested that if the woman had not been found and received treatment when she did, she may well have died.

David Hyslop, Marion King, Katrina Logan and Stephen Rodgers received awards for the part they played in saving the life of an individual in our care who had attempted to take her own life. They were extra vigilant and dealt with the situation promptly, in a calm and professional manner, ultimately saving her life.

Jane Baker, Colin White, Gary Robertson and Graeme Kennedy received awards for breaking up a highly charged and dangerous situation which developed in a residential area. All showed bravery and resilience, and managed such with calmness and professionalism.

Graeme McGarva received an award for saving the life of a young person in our care who had attempted to take his own life. Graeme’s quick actions and disregard for his personal comfort were clearly instrumental in preventing serious injury and possible death.

Staff members were presented their awards by Colin McConnell, Chief Executive on Tuesday 21st October. Friends and family also attended.