SPS Unveils Its Value Proposition

The SPS has launched a new publication called ‘Unlocking Our Potential’ which sets out the ‘Value Proposition’ being offered by the Prison service to partners in the justice sector and to the wider Scottish community.

Over the last few years the Scottish Prison Service has undertaken a variety of initiatives to better enable it to support those in its care, including;

  • the Organisational Review in 2013 which redefined the role, purpose and Vision of the SPS;

  • the People Strategy describing the skills needed to deliver that Vision and how those skills would be developed;

  • conducting a comprehensive review of Purposeful Activity; and

  • the Shaping our Future Project, which redefines the role of the prison Officer.

The publication outlines the changes that are being made, both in terms of what is being delivered for those in custody, and describing the future direction of travel for the training and development of staff, to best equip them to support and encourage the transformational change required to allow those in custody to fulfil their positive potential.

The Chief Executive of the Scottish Prison Service, Colin McConnell said;

“The Scottish Government has set a clear and compelling vision for Scotland as a nation in which there is fairness, safety, prosperity and opportunity for all its citizens. I believe that the Scottish Prison Service has a major part to play in the realisation of that Vision and this is outlined in this publication”.

He added “The challenge facing the SPS is to create an environment and a range of supports which will empower those in our care to unlock their true potential and to transform their lives as fully enfranchised and contributing citizens.

Creating the opportunities, circumstances and respectful relationships that make such fundamental transition possible will require an unprecedented degree of skill and professionalism for the prison setting and the Scottish Prison Service embraces both the challenge and opportunity to play a crucial role in achieving our Government’s vision for a Safer and Stronger Scotland”.

The SPS Value Proposition can be viewed here.