'Talk to me' Strategy

Talk to me

Talk to Me went live on Monday 5th December replacing Act2Care as the SPS' prevention of suicide in prisons strategy.

]SPS worked collaboratively with experts in suicide prevention and key partners to review the Suicide Risk Management Strategy; NHS, Samaritans and Families Outside have all worked closely with us in developing the new suicide prevention strategy: Talk to Me. The review also incorporated consultation with a wide range of prisoner groups to take account of their experiences and feedback regarding improvements; subsequently prisoner contribution has also been included within this strategy.

The key aims of the new strategy is to assume a shared responsibility for the care of those ‘at risk’ of suicide; to work together to provide a person centred care pathway based on an individual’s needs, strengths and assets and to promote a supportive environment where people in our custody can ask for help.

The key changes fromACT2Care to Talk to Me are:

  • A Concern Form has been introduced to record concerns raised about individuals in custody which may result in them being managed on the strategy.

  • It is no longer an automatic requirement for the Doctor to assess every admission as part of the Reception process or following the first case conference.

  • Individuals will no longer be assessed as High or Low risk; assessment outcomes will either be “At Risk” or “No Apparent Risk”.

  • If an individual is located in a Safer Cell for 72 hours or more, a Unit Manager must attend the next case conference and all subsequent case conferences until they are returned to normal accommodation.

  • Improved throughcare arrangements including a pre-release case conference for those managed under the strategy close to liberation or court dates.

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