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As an Officer within the SPS you’ll help us to achieve our goal of creating a Safer Scotland by supporting and making a difference to the lives of those within our care. We believe that our people are our best asset and are the key to achieving our vision. In order to achieve this goal we need to recruit people who share our values and vision and are committed to making a difference.

There are two separate routes of entry to join the SPS as a Prison Officer;Operations Officer and Residential Officer. Both roles are very different in nature and require different skills, however both play an equally important role in the efficient running of establishments and delivery of the core aims and objectives of the SPS.

The Operations Officer role focuses on providing security support to the establishment, whereas the Residential Officer role has a greater focus on supporting those within our care directly to desist from re-offending through the provision of day-to-day support and longer term case management.

We are currently recruiting to both roles with officer intakes throughout the year. As well as our establishments within the central belt of Scotland, we also recruit officers in other locations including; Dumfries, Inverness & Grampian (Peterhead).

If you think you could be the key to unlocking others' potential, click the options below to find out more about each of the roles and to determine which is a better match to your skills and aspirations.

Prison Officer Careers - Operations

As a Operations Officer, you’ll operate as part of a busy team to help maintain the smooth running of our establishments.

Prison Officer Careers - Residential

A career as a Residential Officer is both challenging and rewarding and you might be surprised by the wide variety of tasks and responsibilities our Officers carry out on a daily basis.