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When you join the SPS, you can expect a career where you never stop learning. When you combine your natural talent and existing skills with the training and development you receive from the SPS, you will have everything you need to get your career off to a great start. The SPS committed to continuous learning and you will be encouraged to grow into your role and beyond. Depending on your role and career plans, we will help you reach your potential. This could be through on the job learning  and support, through accredited courses, or through gaining professional qualifications.

SPS is committed to helping employees plan how to get from where they are to where they want to be in their life and career, whether that means a different job at the same level, a promotion, or developing themselves and doing their current job even better.

Competencies for Success Framework

The Competencies for Success Framework (CSF) outlines the behavioural competencies that are essential to support effective performance in all roles in the SPS. The Framework outlines eight core behavioural competencies, which apply consistently to all roles, regardless of the nature, context or level. This ensures there is one transparent set of standards, which we will all work to, regardless of the job we do, and helps us understand what is expected of us, as well as what we can expect from each other.

External candidates can access the document below.
Internal candidates can access the internal version on the SPS intranet.

Further Education

SPS is committed to supporting the career pathways of our people, and offer development including opportunities to access further education in order to support the career goals and aspirations of our employees.

Development Opportunities

SPS offer development opportunities, such as secondments to take part in project work, to their employees.

Development opportunities have positive benefits for employees, such as:

  • building an employee’s confidence and credibility
  • allowing employees to showcase their achievements
  • helping employees achieve their career goals by focussing on their training and development
  • helping employees can become more productive and efficient by experiencing different working styles and environments.

Many employees have enjoyed their own personal development within SPS, and their stories highlight this positive feature of working with SPS.

Scottish Prison Service College (SPSC)

The Scottish Prison Service College (SPSC) is a training and conference centre which helps SPS employees develop their learning as well as train new recruits.  There is a course catalogue which employees can access to book their space on the course, as well as being invited to training events through email.

At the SPSC, employees can receive training including workforce development, business development, leadership development, management, and research and design.


The SPS has a suite of e-learning available to employees. This provides employees with on-demand, online learning which is fast and high quality.  It enables those who are learning to take control of how and when they learn.  Employees can choose when and where to access the gateway, and whether to complete the online learning courses in one or several sessions.

Through the online catalogue, employees can access a large range of e-learning courses and materials.

Apprentices and Interns

SPS gain and motive new employees, identify fresh talent and bring new skills and perspectives to the organisation through internships, trade apprenticeships and modern apprenticeships.


Interns joining SPS are provided with meaningful experience, enhancing their employability and skills.  The quality of the experience is the most important factor for the intern. There is the potential for skilled and motivated interns to attain a permanent career in SPS.


SPS have employed apprentices in engineering and cyber security, with the aspiration to expand our apprenticeship programmes further in the future.