CPD Sessions for Teachers Update

Further to our article on CPD Sessions in 2014, sessions for 2015 are underway and proving to be a success.


A session took place last week at HMP Low Moss, and one attendee said “The empathy and compassion of the prison staff and Families Outside personnel was clearly evident.” 

Another remarked, “Fantastic opportunity to walk through the life of a child which enabled me as a teacher to fully understand and empathise with our children. This course was invaluable!”   

Sarah Roberts, Families Outside, said “Families Outside is delighted that this year’s CPD sessions have got off to a great start! They continue to have a massive impact on participants with several teachers tweeting comments including, "Excellent CPD about engaging & supporting children & their carers with family members in prison.  Thanks @FamiliesOutside #MakingADifference", and "@FamiliesOutside – Didn’t realise I could be a piece of the jigsaw in the lives of children dealing with parents in prison. #GreatTraining".