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Welcome to the Scottish Prison Service's official website. As a major Agency of the Scottish Government we are committed to providing information about the service we carry out on behalf of the Scottish public. We hope you find the information on this website helpful in understanding the work being carried out in Scotland's prisons. We employ about 4000 staff at 15 establishments across Scotland, a Training College, Central Storage Facility and a Headquarters Office. On any one day we are responsible for the secure custody of around 8000 prisoners. 


Using an asset-based approach, we work to empower those in our care to unlock their potential and transform their lives. We seek to assess the risks and needs of those we work with and build on their individual strengths, looking at what we can do ‘for’ people rather than what we do ‘to’ people. The Scottish Prison Service recognise that in order to be successful we must continually build robust and progressive partnerships, and that we cannot provide, in isolation, the opportunities and support necessary for those in our care to sustain positive and crime-free lives when they return to their communities.


On our Prisons page, you will find information on all our establishments, including helpful phone numbers and how to get there. Our News section is updated regularly, as are our Publications and Information sections. The Families area can help you find out how you can keep in contact with those in prison, where you can get support and we also answer your FAQs. If you are considering a working for the SPS, our Careers section highlights our latest vacancies and descriptors of the various roles available. Our People Affected by Crime section emphasises the support available and contains information on how to sign up to the Victim Notification Scheme.


I hope you enjoy visiting the site and find it informative.