Officers at HMP Dumfries celebrated for Meritorious Contributions

STAFF at HMP Dumfries have received prestigious awards for “heroic” acts which saved others from harm.

Chief Executive’s Certificates of Meritorious Contribution were handed to a number of officers for their actions in three incidents.

In one, officers acted bravely and instinctively to save the life of a person in our care.

The individual had suffered a large cut and was at risk of collapsing from blood loss when Officers Sean McIntyre, Robson Halliday, Duncan Hayton, Stephen McMullan, and Duncan Wilson came to his aid.

Mr McIntyre, who applied pressure to the wound, was praised for his leadership.

Their award nomination said: “This heroic act is not only exceptional but shows the compassion that officers display every day.”

On another occasion, Officers Mark Gardiner, James Gracie, Connor Moore, and John Shuttleworth, acted quickly to protect a nurse, and a newly recruited NHS colleague, from harm.

When the two members of NHS staff were threatened, the officers immediately acted as a shield, blocking the aggressor’s path, and managed the incident so no-one was hurt.

They were praised for their “prompt and brave actions in responding calmly and professionally”.

Finally, Ian Wright, an officer who has since retired, saved the life of an individual in our care who had taken unwell.

He found the person unresponsive and provided CPR until paramedics were available to take over.

The individual was taken to hospital and returned to HMP Dumfries few days later, very thankful for the care and support he had received.

Ian’s nomination said: “The instinctive, quick and highly trained qualities that he displayed undoubtedly saved the life of this individual.”

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