We recently said goodbye to two long-serving members of staff, as they retired from the Scottish Prison Service.

FLM Maureen Ritchie

Serving a distinguished career of 43 years, 6 months, and 8 days, First Line Manager, Maureen was applauded by staff as she walked out the doors of HMP Shotts for the final time.

Joining us in 1979, she was described in her interview as lively, mature for her years and a hard worker with much to give. This was an accurate representation of Maureen and the career she would go on to lead.

Serving at HMP & YOI Cornton Vale, Dungavel and HMP Shotts, her illustrious career saw achievements such as a Butler Trust Award nomination, exemplary discipline record, and in 2011 received the Long Service Good Conduct Medal which she wore with pride. Undoubtedly, the positive impact Maureen had on members of staff, and the individuals she cared for, was truly her crowning achievement.

Governor in Charge at HMP Shotts, William Stuart, said during his speech: “We reach the end of this particular chapter of Maureen’s book and as she now moves on to enjoy her full retirement, she will be missed by many but I know lots will keep in touch with her.”

“Maureen you are an inspiration to us all, your dedication and service is unmatched. You are a special person and someone that many who work and live in HMP Shotts will miss, the route will not be the same ever again.”


Officer Mark Kennedy

Officer Mark Kennedy, from HMP Low Moss, retired on the 2nd of December after 37 years in the SPS.

Mark started his career in 1985 at HMP & YOI Polmont before moving to HMP Aberdeen as Residential Officer in 2003. During his time there he was an Acting First Line Manager before moving back to Low Moss as Residential Officer in 2006. Following a short period at HMP Glenochil, he then returned to Low Moss in February 2012 where he remained until his retirement.

Mark spent the majority of his career as Desk Officer within Residential Areas where he focused on the smooth running of the hall and mentoring new and less experienced staff. People in custody and staff alike benefited from his advice, efficient approach and organisational skills. The Governor and Staff at Low Moss wish him a long and happy retirement.

In the photograph Mark stands with lifelong friend Scott McLellan, Head of Social Justice (HQ), who he started his career with, and Scott Watson, Deputy Governor, who he says he “taught everything he knows”.