Gender Identity and Gender Reassignment Policy Review

The Scottish Prison Service invites anyone with an understanding of the management of transgender people in custody to input to the policy review process.  This exercise supplements our more targeted engagement with stakeholders, service users and staff.

We invite respondents to familiarise themselves with the current policy document here and to feed back on the following 2 questions:

  • What should, if possible, be retained from within the current policy?
  • What should be adapted, included or discarded in an updated policy?

We kindly ask that each answer be limited to 300 words per question.

Responses should be sent to the following email address:

This public exercise will be open for 4 weeks, starting today 28 February 2022 and closing at 5pm on 28 March 2022. Please note any feedback received after this point will not be considered.


Please note:

SPS is committed to putting lived experience and a rights based approach at the heart of this policy review – SPS may refer to excerpts from information we receive where it is relevant to the policy development process or to evidence a particular fact in the final policy publication.

SPS will not be publishing a bespoke analysis of the feedback we receive through this engagement exercise but may refer to relevant excerpts in the final publication.

Any feedback received which goes beyond the scope of this specific policy will not be considered as part of the policy review.