Appointment of Non-Executive Directors

The SPS Framework Document sets out the responsibilities for the management and oversight of the SPS. Two elements of our corporate governance structure are the SPS Advisory Board and the Risk Monitoring and Audit Committee (RMAC) and both have recently seen changes in their membership.

The role of the Advisory Board is to undertake a supportive, advisory, questioning and enabling function. Brigadier Hugh Monro chaired his final Board meeting on 26 January 2022 prior to leaving SPS and we welcome our new Chair and Non-Executive Director, Ann McKechkin.

Ann says “I am honoured and excited to take up the position of Chair of the Advisory Board and contributing to the work of SPS. As we move into a period of system recovery following COVID there are considerable challenges ahead but also opportunities for the service to develop in new ways. I very much look forward to meeting with staff in the coming months and learning more from their insight and experience.”

RMAC is a sub-committee of the Advisory Board and advises on the effectiveness of SPS' corporate governance arrangements including risk management, performance management, systems of internal control; and assurance arrangements. Gavin Scott stepped down as chair and left the SPS at the end of 2021 and we welcome our new Chair and Non-Executive Director Ian Harley.

Rob Molan, who also participated on the Advisory Board and RMAC left SPS at the end of 2021 and we welcome 2 further new Non-Executive Directors, Lynne Clow and Stephen Uphill.