Virtual Visits

This is a difficult and challenging time for all those living and working in our prisons. We recognise that is continues to be an anxious time for families and friends and we would like to remind you that virtual visits are available at a time when visiting may be limited.

Virtual Visits are taking place in every establishment in Scotland and since they were introduced in June 2020, over 18000 visits have taken place.

During this time, those in our care have found new and innovative ways to interact with their families ‘virtually’.

virtual visits


‘Freddie’ HMP Glenochil’s first ‘virtual visitor’ helps out during Virtual Visits.

To help make ‘virtual’ interaction with younger children easier and more fun during the virtual visits, the men at HMP Glenochil have made Sock puppets. These have been made as part of art classes in the Learning Centre.

Freddie Sock 1

“Hi, my name is Freddie I am going to give you a’ hand’ by transforming virtual visits into play time“

At HMP & YOI Polmont, user feedback has from the men and women in our care, as well as their families and friends is encouraging others to try out the service, as well as helping in improving the way in which the service is provided. We thought we would share some of the feedback.

I just wanted to say what an absolutely priceless service it is that you provide. Communication is so key when people are locked up, no matter what their crime, and it’s essential that they know there is a constant, reliable link between themselves and the outside worldName Withheld

This service is a lifeline, especially when visiting is not possible. It has really made a difference to both of us to be able to communicate. And also has a positive effect on his mental health!  Elizabeth

Being able to communicate regularly made a world of difference during this very stressful time. In the nicest possible way, I hope never to have to use your services again! Name withheld

The service you provide is vital for all loved makes a very difficult time a little more bearable...Thank you so much x    Janet

It’s good to have virtual visits so I can still see my family and friends – Dunedin

I like seeing my girlfriends face, it’s better than just talking on the phone – Monro

I love virtuals to see my little boys face – Blair

Virtual visits are a good way for me to see my friends when the visits are off - Iona


A detailed Q& A explaining the registration and booking process, as well as a Virtual Visits Myth Buster, are available on our website Information for Families and Friends (

A short video showing the registration and booking process can be accessed via SPS' YouTube channel at