Huge congratulations to our staff at HMP Greenock on raising £830 for Erskine Hospital.

One of our Residential Officer’s came up with the idea and co-ordinated donations from staff at HMP Greenock which were donated to Ramsay House, Erskine Hospital. He said “once a year myself, along with other staff would go to Erskine on our motorbikes and pay a £5 entry per bike which would be donated to Charity. There would be up to 1000 individuals attend on the day which would raise up to £5000. Due to COVID-19 Erskine Hospital, like a number of other Charities, have been largely impacted with fund raising. I spoke to a number of staff members about the possibility of donations and the response I received was 100% positive. I decided to start a donation sheet, asking staff if they would donate £5, the equivalent of one bike donation. I have been totally humbled by the generosity of staff. My colleagues of HMP Greenock made it the success it was and full credit goes to them for the generous donation we were able to make to Erskine of £830.

Greenock Erskine Letter

Greenock Erskine Cheque