United to Prevent Suicide Campaign Launch


Many of us have been affected by suicide in some way – whether it’s ourselves, a loved one, or someone we know. Suicide is of concern to all of us. It is a leading cause of death among young people and men are three times more likely to take their own lives compared to women.

Thanks to the efforts of many we have made progress in reducing the number of people who die by suicide. However, in 2018, 784 people died as a result of suicide. That is two people every day.

Today marks the launch of ‘United to Prevent Suicide’; a new unifying identity for suicide prevention in Scotland. It marks a refreshed approach to preventing suicide as set out in Scotland’s National Suicide Prevention Action Plan, and encourages all of us to get involved; by

  • being confident to talk about suicide;
  • being confident to connect someone to the right support;
  • recognising that language is important. Saying the word suicide isn’t a trigger, it can help save a life; and
  • tackling stigma around suicide.

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