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How Can I be Involved?

We recognise that children and families are hugely motivating factors that can influence positive behaviour change and we are committed to working with families, community and voluntary sector partners in order to maintain and develop meaningful family contact throughout a period of imprisonment.


Integrated Case Conference

Integrated Case Management (ICM) is a process where we (SPS) work together with other agencies to give help and support to prisoners throughout their sentence.  This support is focused on reducing re-offending by ensuring where possible, risks are identified and a plan is put in place to reduce those risks in a sequenced and co-ordinated manner.

Your relative in custody may be asked if they would like a family member to attend the ICM meeting for additional support.  After giving consent for your attendance you will receive an invitation by post.  This will provide contact details for the ICM Co-ordinator should you have any questions.


Family Induction             

All prisoners are provided with an appropriate induction process. The aims are to assist and support the prisoner’s integration into the establishment; to continue the assessment process; and to enable the prisoner to remain safe, make the best use of their time in custody, and prepare for life after release.

The induction process enables prisoners to approach their time in custody constructively in order to gain the maximum benefit from their sentence. You may be offered an opportunity for family members to be part of this process. 

You may find this beneficial especially if it is the first time your family has been affected by imprisonment.  The family induction enables prison staff to explain what the time in custody will be like and the way they can support their loved one. We will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have at this difficult time.  Your family member in custody will be able to inform you if you are able to attend.  Alternatively you may contact the Family Contact Officer (FCO) for any other opportunities to be involved.

Suicide and Self Harm Prevention
We recognise that many people react in different ways and at different times to being imprisoned. We recognise that some may, occasionally, feel vulnerable. The Prison Service's strategy on suicide risk management aims to address risk of suicide and suicidal behaviour and promote a caring environment where those in distress can ask for help. 

Prisoners at risk should be asked if they wish a friend or relative (where appropriate) to attend any Case Conference which may be arranged. If so, the prisoner should sign a consent form and contact will be made by the establishment. We understand that this may be particularly stressful for you but will give you an opportunity to learn more about the types of care and support we will provide for your loved one.