SPS Terms and Conditions

The Scottish Prison Service has terms and conditions which cover the following categories:

SGTC1 Supply of Goods

SGTC2 Services 

SGTC4 Supply of Goods & Related Services

General awards of business (i.e. local requirements usually procured by staff within a prison with a value of less than £20,000 and which are relatively short-term or a one-off purchase) are typically made under one of these three SPS Conditions of Purchase.

Requirements above £20,000 and/or national requirements that affect many or all prisons are, following advertisement on the Public Contracts Scotland website and completion of a Tender process, subject to award of a specific SPS Contract. SPS typically utilise alternative terms and conditions (as indicated in the Tender document) when procuring requirements above £20,000. For example:

• Complex goods, services or IT requirements may reflect specific terms and conditions which address the nature of the intended contract and the associated contractual risks, or
• Works Contracts: the CG Works 1 to 3 suite or terms are used, or
• Where SPS elect to utilise a collaborative Framework contract set up by another Public Body such as the Scottish Government, or Crown Commercial Services, the terms used will be those relating to the Framework contract.

All awards of business by SPS reflect that the relevant SPS terms and conditions or Framework contract, takes precedence, and that no other terms and conditions shall have effect.

Where SPS Prison Industries or prisons agree to sell items produced in prisons, specific terms and conditions of sale will apply.