National Facility

The National Facility will be an 80 place campus style establishment that houses the highest risk and highest needs. The facility will be built from a gender-specific and trauma-informed perspective, ensuring that every consideration is given to the way in which the environment can contribute to reflection and restoration. The Facility will be built and operated to allow us to:

  • Facilitate Desistance journeys;
  • Operate in a Trauma-informed environment;
  • Work with an Assets Based approach;
  • Promote therapeutic approaches and
  • Incorporate appropriate gender specificity.

 The four individual ‘houses’ within the prison, each accommodating around 20 women will be set up in the following way

  • House 1 – X 20 places for Highest Need / Care women
  • House 2 – X 20 places for FNIC / Remand Women
  • House 3 – X 20 places for High risk convicted
  • House 4 – X 20 places for Young Adults