Enterprise and Employability

Enterprise and Employability 

The SPS recognises the need to provide meaningful and relevant work opportunities for those in our care to ensure they can fulfil their potential. This includes providing opportunities for people in our care to develop skills (and qualifications) which enhance their work readiness in preparation for release. 
 The SPS are inviting organisations to consider: 

    • the challenges facing those in or leaving custody in entering or re-entering the job market;
    • employing or offering work experience opportunities to those leaving custody;
    • work placement to suit the needs of your business;
    • exploring potential to work in partnership; and
    • exploring hosting an enterprise.
The Employability Strategy can be found here.

Benefits of engagement:

    • Make a difference to the lives of people in your community;
    • Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments;
    • Assist in the growth and development of your business; and
    • Your input could help someone change their life for the better.

Employability Partnerships

Employability Partnerships provide a model for external partnerships to host their enterprise in a prison environment. 

    • Through the Employability Partnerships models, SPS is inviting offers for partner led enterprises which will:
    • Provide a range of structured training and upskilling opportunities for those in our care;
    • Provide opportunities for those in our care to gain qualifications with external value;
    • Increase the employment prospects for those in our care; and
    • Be financially viable and sustainable.

Community Placement

The SPS have a track record of providing resources to organisations for mutual benefit.

The participation in a community work placement provides an opportunity for those in our care to utilise the skills that they have learnt to the benefit of the placement provider, whilst also providing a benefit to the prisoner to further expand their skillset and the gradual reintroduction of those who have been in custody back into society in a measured and structured basis.

If you feel that your organisation would be able to offer community placements to individuals within our care, please contact the Enterprise and Employability Team: EnterpriseandEmployabilityTeam@prisons.gov.scot

Telephone: 0131 330 3788 

Production and Manufacture

There are some excellent production facilities in SPS and we have a track record of producing quality products for wholesale or end user. The SPS also consider opportunities to be part of an organisations supply chain.

For information on products we have on offer please visit: 

Prison Industries

Tel: 01501 773 979 
Email: SPSIndustries@prisons.gov.scot