Community Custody Units

Community Custody Units (CCU) are an innovative approach to addressing the reintegration and resettlement of women into the community, and reducing the risk of further offending with a consequent return to prison.

The focus in the CCU's will be on helping women maintain, or in some cases, rebuild links with family, friends and community.  At the same time they will be supported through individually tailored programmes to access the community and community services.  This will be done following multi-agency risk-assessment and will include access to:

  • Health and leisure services

  • Employment and voluntary services

  • Opportunities to test out new skills gained through reflection and work on precursors to offending, e.g. misuse of drugs and alcohol

We will have five CCU's each capable of accommodating circa 20 women. Each CCU will be located in suitable areas identified through GIS analysis. They will be in close proximity to local services and good transport links. Women will move to a CCU following a process of assessment in the closed estate and will be located where family contact can be maintained.