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The Scottish Prison Service has welcomed publication of the final report of the Criminal Justice Disability Project

Criminal Justice Disability Project- Final Report

Criminal Justice Disability Project- Final Report (Large Print)

Criminal Justice Disability Project- Final Report  (BSL Executive summary)

The project brought together organisations from across the justice sector to consider concerns issues raised in the reports Hidden in Plain Sight, Out in the Open, and the Justice Steering Group report 2009, and examine how these could be implemented across criminal justice organisations.

No Bystanders

SPS are proud to announce it's launch of the NoBystanders campaign on the 14th November 2016 to coincide with anti-bullying week in the UK. We will continue to roll this campaign out, encouraging staff to pledge always to challenge hurtful and hateful language and behaviour.

What is the No Bystanders campaign?

No Bystanders is an anti-hate campaign calling for an end to all types of bullying and abuse. It consists of a 1-minute, hard-hitting film and encourages people to make the following pledge:

I will never be a bystander to hateful language and abuse. If I hear it, I will call it out and report it, and if I can, I will stop it. By adding my name I promise to stand up for fairness, kindness and never be a bystander.

Being a 'bystander' - standing passively by and not taking action when others are being discriminated against, harassed or bullied - makes us part of the problem. But we can also be part of the solution by challenging unacceptable behaviour whenever we see or hear it occurring. In doing so we can create a supportive culture for everyone.

SPS Launches No Bystanders with Pledge from Chief Executive Colin McConnell

Visit the No Bystanders Stonewall campaign website here.

Pledges from the Chief Executive and Senior Staff

Colin McConnell, Chief Executive

"The 'No Bystanders' campaign is entirely aligned with SPS' Values and for this reason, I am proud to make a public pledge that I will never be a bystander. I encourage every manager and member of staff to do the same so that SPS is a place where diversity is valued and everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Remember: What you ignore you permit. What you permit you condone."

Teresa Medhurst, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Senior Sponsor of the SPS Women's Development Network

"Each time we do take action or speak out the louder our voices become together to prevent discrimination and promote tolerance."

Mick Stoney, Director of Operational Delivery

"No one should feel or be made to feel they are not part of something and everyone should be treated with kindness, fairness and respect."

Catherine Topley, Director of Corporate Services

"I want this campaign to send a clear message of empowerment to people to challenge those that behave inappropriately and support those who need a voice. If you permit this behaviour, then you promote it, and we should all be working together to accept, promote and celebrate differences."

Eric Murch, Director of Operations

"Looking the other way diminishes us as individuals as well as the fortunes of those around us."

Fraser Munro, Director of Operational Support Services

"If we can all stand together and express; not just tolerance of, but our positive support for equality and diversity, then perhaps we can end the torment and anguish that individuals needlessly face."

Allister Purdie, Governor of HMP & YOI Grampian and Senior Sponsor of SPS Women's Development Network

"I applaud and support the SPS's zero tolerance approach towards all forms of unacceptable behaviour, bullying or harassment. There is no place for this in a progressive organisation."

David Abernethy, Governor of HMP Low Moss and Senior Disability Equality Champion 

"Nobody should feel marginalised or picked upon and we should all stand together and look out for each other, to show solidarity on that front."

Tom Fox, Head of Corporate Affairs and Senior Religion & Belief Champion

"No one should feel alone or isolated, no one should feel despised. In our organisation there should be no room for the word “them” there is only us."

Caroline Johnston, Governor of HMP Edinburgh and Equality & Diversity Operational Lead

"It is absolutely vital that we stand together and raise awareness on the importance of never allowing bullying and teasing language to be used by anyone at any point in time."

Sue Brookes, Governor of HMP & YOI Polmont and Senior Champion for Young People

"It is incumbent upon us all not just to acknowledge diversity in all its forms, but to celebrate it. Humane prisons are founded on the fundamentals of decency, compassion and equality and I see No Bystanders as an essential component of promoting a culture of kindness both as colleagues and as friends."

Rhona Hotchkiss, Governor of HMP & YOI Cornton Vale and Senior Race Equality Champion

"No reasonable person should stand by – whether in a personal or professional capacity – and watch another person be embarrassed, humiliated or frightened by harassment, by bullying or by abuse."

Janice Barclay, Head of Human Resources and Chair of the Equality & Diversity Steering Group

"I encourage everyone in the SPS to never become a Bystander to unacceptable language or abuse, and to eliminate discrimination by taking action."


SPS Governors

William Stuart, Governor at HMP Greenock: "This campaign shows that if each of us just challenges the inappropriate comments when we hear then and challenge those making them we can play our part in reducing the impact of bully and discrimination at a very personal level.  If each of us plays our small part in this way we can collectively make a massive difference."

Joanne Streeter, Equality & Diversity Business Partner (Acting)

"Every single person has the right to be recognised and feel valued for who they are. We must never underestimate the damage a so-called joke can do – or indeed the repair that can be done by a colleague, friend or even stranger stretching out a hand and standing up to bullying or harassment. We can't wait for 'someone else'; that person is you, it's me, it's all of us."

Vince Fletcher, Equality & Diversity Manager for Prisoners

"It is not someone else's problem, bystanders have the power to play a key role in preventing and stopping bullying, hateful language and abuse. We all know it is unacceptable and how harmful it can be and just because you might not be the target, someone else is the target."

Lucy Ridgeway, Chair of Prism, Staff LGBT Network

"Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are and I pledge to the NO BYSTANDERS campaign to continue to speak up against discrimination, hate and intolerance."


Angela Judge, Chair of Women's Development Network

"We all have a duty within our working lives in SPS and out with in our personal lives to treat everyone with dignity and kindness and to stand strong and challenge inappropriate behaviours."

Phil Fairlie, Trade Union Side Chair

"The No Bystanders campaign is a very significant step in tackling any form of bullying or discrimination, and one that all the trade unions within the TUS fully support."