Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessments

Equality & Human Right Impact Assessments (EHRIAs) support SPS to meet the statutory duties imposed under the Equality Act 2010. They are the thorough and systematic analysis of a new/revised policy/practice to determine whether they have a differential impact on a particular group in relation to equality, diversity and human rights.

This means that consideration of equality and human rights issues must influence the decisions reached by SPS - such as in how we act as employers; how we develop, evaluate and review policy; how we design, deliver and evaluate services, and how we commission and procure from others. In short, we use EHRIA's to ensure that our policies and practices do what they intend, for everyone.

To further our Vision for equality and adopt a human rights-based approach in all areas of our work, in 2014 we implemented an integrated approach to conducting impact assessments which includes consideration of human rights and social and economic disadvantage. We believe that such that an inter-disciplinary approach to assessing new/revised policy/practice is best practice and the best use of resources. Doing so also enables us to contribute to the Scottish Government National Outcome to tackle the significant inequalities in Scottish society.

We recognise the value of involvement and of ensuring that those with the ‘lived experience’ help to shape our policies and practices. In carrying out EHRIAs we regularly involve staff from our equality networks (covering issues relating to LGBT, women and disability), external stakeholders and equality organisations.

Below is a list of EHRIAs that we have conducted.

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