Work/Life Balance

The SPS understands the importance of a good work-life balance and recognise that employees’ personal circumstances may change over time. We offer a range of options to help employees achieve the right work-life balance, such as flexible working, part-time working, staggered hours, job sharing, term-time working and career breaks.

Annual Leave

SPS employees enjoy a very generous holiday entitlement.  Employees who are new to SPS can benefit from 34 days of annual leave, with it progressing up to 42 days with continuous service.


Maternity Leave

SPS are committed to supporting employees throughout any period of pregnancy and their responsibilities as parents, offering generous support and maternity and paternity leave arrangements, while continuing to recognise the positive contribution that employees make. 

Employees eligible for maternity leave can enjoy full pay for the first 27 weeks of their maternity leave, followed by 12 weeks' statutory maternity pay (SMP), with the remaining 13 weeks as unpaid leave, for babies due on or after 1 April 2020.  Other maternity benefits include paid time off for expectant parents attending antenatal appointments, and an allowance for maternity clothes as part of the expectant parent’s uniform.

Adoption Leave

SPS also offers adoption leave to their employees, with eligible adoptive parents receiving the same generous pay as those who are entitled to maternity pay.


Paternity Leave

Employees who are entitled to paternity leave are entitled to two weeks of fully pay.