Our Policies

The SPS recognises that our people are our greatest asset. The SPS seeks to ensure that our people are motivated and highly skilled, and that our HR practices support the delivery of a progressive prison service. To this end, we continually review all of our HR Policies; aiming to ensure we have coherent and streamlined HR policies which support the delivery of our strategic priorities.

The policies published here are aligned to our Vision, Mission and Values, they have been reviewed in partnership with our Trades Union Partners, with consultation involving stakeholders from across the organisation, and benchmarking against external partners - as well as best practice from professional organisations such as the CIPD.

The SPS respects and embraces diversity; all of the SPS’ HR policies are subject to Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessments upon review. These consider the positive impacts we can seek to make through our HR policies in order to enhance equality of opportunity across the SPS.

Our HR policies are divided into policy families, to allow our employees to browse areas of interest. These policy families are:

Recruitment & Retention

Family Friendly / Work-Life Balance

Pay & Allowances

Performance Management

Employee Relations

Health & Wellbeing

Learning & Development