Employee Relations

The SPS values the contributions and views of our employees, and in turn expects high levels of professionalism from them. We have a suite of employee relations policies to help maintain these levels; setting out our agreements with our recognised Trades Unions, detailing the standards we all must maintain, and how employees can take action if they have any concerns relating to their employment with the SPS.



SPS encourages all employees to raise any concerns that they may have about the conduct of others in the organisation. 

This policy sets out the way in which you may raise any concerns of wrongdoing that you may have.

It aims to protect those who make a 'protected disclosure' either during or after their employment.  It enables you to take action in respect of any victimisation.  For a disclosure to be protected it must reasonably appear to you that it is in the ‘public interest’.

This policy will:

  • Assist in the early detection of any inappropriate behaviour or practices;
  • Provide a clear procedure for employees and workers to report any wrongdoing at work which it is believed has occurred, or is likely to occur, and where appropriate, to receive feedback on any action taken.
  • Ensure that you feel confident and able to raise any reasonable concern about SPS business activities in the knowledge that it will be taken seriously, and that no action will be taken against you by either SPS or your colleagues.

Access the Whistleblowing policy here.

Social Media

While participation in online social media can be beneficial and enjoyable, if not used wisely it also presents a risk to employees' privacy, personal information and potentially their personal security, and that of their family.  In some circumstances it can also carry risks to colleagues, prisoners and to the SPS.

This policy is to encourage and enable all SPS employees to use social and other digital media appropriately. It also makes clear our responsibilities to do so in accordance our Vision, Mission and Values.

This policy covers the use of social media networks and digital activity in general both in and out of work.

Access the Social Media policy here.
Access the Social Media policy Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment (EHRIA) here.

Internet Acceptable Usage

The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) acknowledges that information technology is an essential part of SPS' business, therefore it is important that all employees understand their responsibilities in relation to the acceptable use of our systems and services.

Access the Internet Acceptable Usage policy here.
Access the Internet Acceptable Usage policy Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment (EHRIA) here.


Mediation is an option which you may choose to explore if you are involved in a workplace conflict or are confronted by a situation or behaviours which you find unacceptable and wish to attempt to resolve without formal action. It is open to all employees.

Mediation provides a structured, informal way of resolving complaints, grievances and disputes and can help to rebuild relationships and restore broken communication and trust.

Access the Mediation policy here.
Access the Mediation policy Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment (EHRIA) here.