Trainee Manager Programme


We are seeking a new generation of leaders. 

The publication of our Organisational Review in 2013 presented a bold and exciting Vision for the future of the Scottish Prison Service and this is a period of significant change for our organisation.  We are therefore looking to recruit a new generation of leaders who are equally as visionary and forward thinking to ensure we achieve this challenging ambition.

This an exciting and challenging opportunity to establish a long-term management career in an organisation that helps transforms the lives of the people in our care. 


The people we need

We are looking for driven and passionate leaders who are prepared to challenge the way things are done and provide insights into how we can continually improve the opportunities for those in our care.  You will be innovative and adaptable, continually generating ideas and exploring possibilities.

To excel you will need to bring a very particular blend of characteristics.  You will have to manage challenging situations while showing empathy to those in our care. A humane approach to prison management requires individuals who are able to achieve results while remaining humble and non-judgemental.

You will also need the skills to ensure these ideas are implemented.  You will display strong leadership skills, not through command and control but through empowering, inspiring and motivating others.  You will work in partnership with others throughout SPS and the Justice Sector and a belief in team working is vital.  You will be highly influential; able to articulate your ideas, persuade others and be directive when required but it is equally important that you value the contribution and ideas of others.  

This is a demanding position requiring individuals who are prepared to embrace and relish the responsibilities of a challenging role.  You will need strong personal values and personally believe in our Vision including a real belief that people can change if given the right opportunities.  


The Programme

You will undertake an extended development programme over a period of 18 months to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to be an effective manager in the SPS.  During this time you will undertake rigorous development to refine and hone the leadership potential you displayed during the recruitment process. 


How to apply

Please visit our Current Vacancies page to find out if we are currently recruiting for our Trainee Manager Programme. 


Further questions? 

If you have any questions regarding the Trainee Manager Programme you can email the SPS Talent Development Team at