Management Careers Case Studies

Steven joined the SPS Trainee Manager Programme in 2013.

"Joining the SPS wasn’t initially an obvious choice for me. When I graduated I had no definitive plans for my career and wasn’t sure what the next steps would be. I enjoyed a range of subjects: Psychology, politics, philosophy and religious studies but couldn’t pin down where I should go.

I started my career in social work services (social care) and worked with excellent teams dedicated to taking a holistic approach to person centred care and had the opportunity to start using my skill sets and finding out what really motivated me. I then went on into management and enjoyed the challenges that this brought but it still didn’t feel like the right fit. I think I was looking for a role with practical applications alongside strategic decision-making that really make a difference.

My first experience of an establishment was HMP Shotts in a tour before I joined. HMP Shotts showed me the resources that they use to promote family contact and the innovative approaches that the SPS take to custodial care and then I realised that this was the right organisation for me.

Working for the SPS is working for an organisation that really invests in you and helps you look at yourself honestly and objectively to grow and develop. You can really feel the momentum of change in the SPS alongside the value of staff expertise and the positive aspects of tradition.

My role now has so many aspects to it: Management, HR, law, psychology, sociology to name a few. You’re part of a team led by progressive thinkers and although I still have a long way to go – I’d encourage anyone that is driven and passionate about society to give a career in the SPS serious consideration."