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Shotts Prison

Prison Name: HMP Shotts
Telephone 01501 824000
Family Contact Officer 01501 824032
Fax 01501 824022
Governor Name James Kerr
Deputy Name Phil Kennedy
Address HM Prison Shotts


HM Prison Shotts is a maximum-security prison for long term adult male prisoners. The prison is situated in countryside south of the M8 motorway near the Lanarkshire village of Shotts. The original prison, purpose built in 1978, catered for long term male prisoners (sentences of 4 years & over) who are transferred from other establishments and who require to be kept secure conditions. The prison was extended in 1987 and has since been completely rebuilt on the same site. It's core population remains the same, but Shotts also houses a national facility; the National Integration Centre within its boundary.

Shotts seeks to provide a secure, safe, caring and productive environment, while providing opportunities for prisoners to come to terms with their sentences and address their offending behaviour.


The National Integration Centre (NIC), is a national facility and holds approximately 60 adult male prisoners who are in the initial stages of sentences of eight years or over and prepares them for eventual movement to mainstream establishments. It provides a supportive regime for all prisoners (excluding sex offenders) sentenced to life or eight years or over during the first six to nine months of their sentences, and other prisoners may be accepted where a spell in the NIC is considered beneficial.

The regime is intended to assist prisoners to cope with the personal consequences of their offending behaviour and the impact of their sentence. It seeks to prepare them for transfer to mainstream within the context of the Integrated Casework Management model. That process is informed by risk and needs assessment work carried out, with the prisoners' involvement, during their time in the NIC.

Information on topics such as stress management, inter-personal and social skills and the prison system are delivered in Groupwork settings. Considerable emphasis is placed on building the prisoner's relationship with his Personal Officer in order to help him adjust to and plan out his sentence. While industry forms an integral part of the regime, it is orientated towards craftwork type activities and is supported by personal fitness / other preparatory programmes.

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