• There is a new, easy to use tool on the SPS website to allow you to generate an error free online banking reference to use to send in funds, via online banking, to your friends and loved ones who are currently in custody.

  • Using this new reference number will make sure we can identify the intended person and credit their account in as short a time as possible

  • If you currently have the SPS set up as a payee in your online banking, you must now use this tool to generate a new reference for future payments.  You can then update your current payee details with this new reference.  

  • To use this online tool, you need to know the prisoner number and date of birth of your intended recipient.

Online Bank Transfer Reference Generator

1. Enter Prisoner Number

2. Choose Date of Birth

3. Reference Number to Use


  • First enter the prisoner number and press ‘confirm’, and then select their date of birth from the calendar picker. 

  • When you click confirm, your new reference number will be shown.

  • Click the ‘copy’ button to copy the reference to your clipboard.  Alternatively, if you want to use the reference later, or on another device for online banking, simply write down the reference number, including the special characters (- and /)

  • Login to your online banking account, and choose to setup a new payee (or amend the current one you have setup)

  • Use the following account number and sort code for the new payee;


    • Account Name:  Scottish Prison Service Prisoner Funds Central

    • Account No.:      21170685

    • Sort Code:          83-06-08

  • Click into the box for payee reference and then right click and choose to ‘paste’ (or Control+’X’ button together if using a Windows machine) to paste your reference number in, or manually type it in if you have written it down previously.

  • If your bank does not support extended characters (the ‘-‘ and/or ‘/’ ), then please replace the ‘-‘ in the generated reference with a space, and remove the ‘/’ characters so the date is stated in 8 digits (as an example, the reference should have a format like 123456 01011970 with the Prisoner number, followed by a space, and then the full date of birth without any dividers).  Please take care not to include a space before the Prisoner Number, or after the date of birth.

  • Save the payee.

  • That’s it!  Your payee in your online banking is now correctly setup to receive your money each and every time you use this payee, whilst they are in custody.


Please note:

  • There is a limit of £50 per prisoner, per day, any amounts exceeding this will be returned to the sender(s).
  • Funds will be rejected if the information within the reference is incorrect.
  • Payments from non-UK banks will not be accepted
  • SPS will endeavour to return rejected within  10 working days of receipt.
  • SPS cannot accept international payments or payments for HMPs Addiewell and Kilmarnock.