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The revised Vision, Mission and Values for the SPS are central to our new direction. The aim has been to build on the already strong foundations of SPS to develop an improved focus and investment in rehabilitation and reintegration services that assist offenders towards responsible citizenship.

The New Vision sets the New Direction for the futue which is:

Helping to build a safer Scotland-Unlocking Potential-Transforming Lives

The New Mission sets out how the new Vision will be delivered:

Providing services that help to transform the lives of people in our care so they can fulfil their potential and become responsible citizens.

The New Vision and Mission establish our commitment to:

  • View ourselves as part of the 'whole system';
  • Develop a person-centred, asset-based approach;
  • Promote individual agency and self-efficacy to realise potential;
  • Strengthen links into communities and support throughcare; and
  • Professionalise and invest in SPS staff as effective change agents.
The Operating Task of SPS:

Helping to protect the public and reducing reoffending through safe and secure custodial services that empower offenders to take responsibility and to fulfil their potential.

SPS acheives this through:

Custody - Managing safe and secure custodial environments;

Order - Providing stability and order that helps offenders to transform their lives;

Care - Supporting wellbeing and treating with respect and humanity all in our care; and

Opportunity - Providing opportunities which develop the potential of staff, our partnerships and the people in our care.

The review also redefines the core Values of SPS. The need for clear guiding principles and values that orientate organisational behaviour are important and inescapable as a human service organisation that is committed to respecting human rights. Our values need to be consistent with the unique nature and responsibilities of our business.Our Values are:

Belief - we believe that people can change.

Respect - we have proper regard for individuals, their needs and their human rights.

Integrity - we apply high ethical, moral and professional standards.

Openness - we work with others to achieve the best outcomes.

Courage - we have the courage to care regardless of circumstances.

Humility - we cannot do this on our own, we recognise we can learn from others.

The New Vision and Mission of SPS are a call to action which will drive our decisions, resource allocation, actions and priorities.