Competency Framework

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SPS has revised its competency framework, and developed a new framework called Competencies for Success Framework, or CSF for short. This framework outlines the behavioural competencies that are essential to support effective performance in all roles in SPS. 

The framework forms the basis of our people management processes and provides a common language for how we go about our daily work; it does not describe what we do in each of our roles, but how we do it. It helps us assess, manage and improve performance aligned to our personal goals and organisational objectives.

The framework is underpinned by the SPS core values, recognising the integral connection between our personal values and our behaviours. Fundamentally, our values influence the decisions we make and the actions we take and therefore impact how we behave. It is recognised that a strong alignment between personal values and organisational values will support SPS to achieve its Vision which is why they are so important to us in defining and describing how we will perform our roles.

The framework outlines eight core behavioural competencies, which apply consistently to all roles, regardless of the nature, context or level. This ensures there is one transparent set of standards, which we will all work to, regardless of the job we do. This helps us understand what is expected of us, as well as what we can expect from each other. In addition to defining each of the eight behavioural competencies, the framework describes what each competency looks like in practice, and includes development questions to support self-reflection and development activities.

During recruitment processes, the CSF supports hiring managers identify which essential behaviours to assess during the recruitment process in line with the Recruitment and Selection Policy and Guidance. The assessment of behavioural competencies provides insight into how individuals are likely to perform in role, if successful in their application. The CSF helps you prepare for and during recruitment and promotion campaigns. Used alongside the relevant role job description and person specification, the CSF will support you to identify which behavioural competencies will be assessed. It also supports you to reflect on what you have achieved as well as how the behavioural competencies are evidenced within your examples

To find out more and to view the CSF document, follow the instructions below:

Internal SPS employees: can access the internal version of the CSF document via the Recruitment and Selection Policy SharePoint page. 

External non SPS employees: click here.