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A career as a Prison Officer - Residential is both challenging and rewarding and you might be surprised by the wide variety of tasks and responsibilities our Officers carry out on a daily basis. The primary role of a Prison Officer - Residential is to support those in our care on a day-to-day basis through effective case management. As a Prison Officer - Residential you will play a key part in helping us to continue to reduce the number of individuals that re-offend and to achieve our vision of Unlocking Potential and Transforming Lives.

The prisoner population in Scotland is changing, and those within our care have a complex range of needs, as such the role of the Prison Officer - Residential within our prisons is evolving and we need the best people to help us to achieve our aim of reducing re-offending and making Scotland a safer place.


What does it take to become a Prison Officer - Residential ?

 You don’t need experience of working within a prison environment to become a Prison Officer - Residential, what you do need is a commitment to the SPS values and the belief that you can make a difference to the lives of those within our care.

You might have experience of working in a care capacity, helping and supporting vulnerable people with specific needs. You may have worked in a fast paced customer service environment, managing competing demands and de-escalating difficult situations. You may have worked in an educational environment, supporting others in a non-judgmental and encouraging manner. These are just some examples of the transferable skills that we are looking for in individuals to join our team.

We believe that the key to our success is by investing in our people and unlocking their full potential. As long as you have the right values and the commitment to make a difference we will equip you with the knowledge and skills you will require to excel in the role of Residential Officer. 

Officer Intakes 

We currently have Prison Officer - Residential intakes planned to commence in November 2020 and throughout 2021. 

Pay & Reward

The starting salary for a Prison Officer - Residential is currently £25,978 rising to £34,998 within 4 years. 

Further information on the total reward package can be found here.



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