Role of a Prison Officer - Operations Officer


What does a Prison Officer - Operations do?

Prison Officer - Operations are responsible for the overall functioning and security of the establishment, which helps to maintain safety and ensures smooth running of operations. You’ll undertake duties within 5 main areas of the prison.

 Front of House

You’ll be the first person that visitors see when entering the establishment. You’ll regularly see visitors, lawyers and family members of those in our care, so it’s important that you are friendly and patient, as this could be someone’s first time in a prison.





Electronic Control Room (ECR)

The ECR is at the heart of the prison and within this role you’ll be responsible for the movement and security of staff and prisoners through the establishment. You’ll carry out security badge checks and be responsible for responding to alarms and controlling secure doors.



You’ll be the first person that prisoners see when they arrive at the establishment and will also discharge those in our care. You’ll follow procedures to ensure that warrants are accurate and that the individual’s mental and physical needs are assessed      




You’ll help to maintain the security of the establishment by carrying out perimeter checks and identifying and responding to breaches in security





You will oversee the visits area and ensure the environment is safe and controlled. You may also carry out searches.



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